Pearls of Wisdom

[Insha’Allah, with the Help & Mercy of Allah swt, in this section we intend to compile the questions answered by Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed damatbarakatuhu in various Talks and specially during the CII, Tazkiya Talk [Every Thursday, 10:10pm PST]

Q: A Litmus test: Do we truly love Allah swt?

Q: Why is it that our Physical body becomes often so lazy in performing ibadah?

Q. Shaykh, why is it that when we sit in the company of our Shaykh we feel a spiritual high, but when we leave the company of our Shaykh, we feel completely a low?

Q. Who is a Super Shaykh?

Q. If a person is becoming a Hafiz, should he attempt a khatam of the Qur’an or merely learn & revise his sabaq – will that suffice as his Daily recitation of the Qur’an-e-karim?

Q: A quick snap-out way from a Spell of Laziness & Negativity for those otherwise occupied by religious activities like ‘ilm, etc.

Q: How can I identify that I have a Qalb-e-Saleem?

Q: Recommended Ibadah at the time of Tahajjud

Q: Shaykh-Mureed Relationship

Q: Understanding the three types of Nafs

Q: Looking a non-mahram – Major or Minor sin?

Q:  Is it Nifaaq if I find myself weak in trusting Allah swt

Q: Even we want Allah swt, but at the same time we keep getting involved in our work as well. How do we manage this?

Q: How do we know Allah swt is pleased with us?

Q: What does it meant to value life before death?

Q: I need to get in good company. How should I keep doing it continuously?

Q: How do we assure to wake up for fajr even with alarms?

Q: What are the ahkam on pardah?

Q: Will we be responsible if someone dies without imaan?

Q: How important is it to know translation of Quran?

Q:  Recently there was a video on youtube and we are all deeply disturbed by it. We don’t know what to do. What should be our strategy?

Q: How does someone know he has reached Wilayat

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