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Is it Nifaaq if I find myself weak in trusting Allah swt

Q: Shaykh mentioned different types of Nifaaq last week – I find myself weak in tawakkul-‘alallah trusting in Allah swt; could this mean that I have nifaaq in my heart? Gist of the Answer: If a person finds that theres any … Continue reading

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On Shaykh-Murid Relationship [Q&A Session: 18-11-10]

CII talk delivered by Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed db on 18-11-10 [Question 2 of 3] Q.2: I have been bayt to an elderly shaykh for sometime now (a few years). I was regular in my zikr and azkar, used to attend … Continue reading

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Patience & Forbearance

[The following are some notes/pointers based on the Talk “Patience & Forbearance” delivered by Sobia Kamaluddin Ahmed for “Foundations” course in Lahore] Foundations Course, Zaynab Academy Lahore Patience & Forbearance There are two words in the Arabic language, also in … Continue reading

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Reliance on Allah swt

PURIFICATION OF HEART SERIES-PART 2 [IBA] TOPIC: Reliance on Allah (SWT) Venue: IBA Main Campus Date: 8th March 2010. Speaker: Ustadha Sobia Qasim [Following is NOT a transcription of the talk but merely an understanding based on Ms. Nida Fareed’s notes taken during … Continue reading

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