[These are rough notes of a CII talk given by Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed on 18th April, 2013]

Sulook means a path of journey. In spiritual development we are on a journey. It gives a lot of hope because travelling doesn’t really require you have to reach the destination. Journeying and trying is the criteria.

Everyday even making a little bit of progress means on the Day of Judgment we will be raised amongst the salikeen. Important aspect is that we bring it in our daily lives. Otherwise we become stop-and-go Muslims i.e. we stop whenever we engage in this world.

The only obstacle in this path is if we stop walking i.e. we stop following sharia, have lack in Taqwah, or stop doing Zikr Azkaar.

Hadith(mafhoom): Be in this world as if you are a stranger or a traveler on the path.

Meaning 1: Don’t be so attached to it.

Meaning 2: Always keep the destination in mind. We are not nomads who are wandering aimlessly.

Steps in this Journey that a person can take:

  1. Making intention of Taubah: I want to turn away from everything that is displeasing to Allah Taala and turn my entire life exclusively to things that are pleasing to Allah Taala. It should become our desire.
  2. Trying and striving. For example, trying to say more Shukr.
  3. Making Dua to Allah Taala.
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