Is it Nifaaq if I find myself weak in trusting Allah swt

Q: Shaykh mentioned different types of Nifaaq last week – I find myself weak in tawakkul-‘alallah trusting in Allah swt; could this mean that I have nifaaq in my heart?

Gist of the Answer: If a person finds that theres any attribute missing – whether its tawakkul, Sabr, Shukr, etc from our heart while we have complete iman and belief that that is an attribute that we should have and that means that it is something that we believe in but we don’t have it or we don’t practice it. So, that is a kind of hypocrisy

The purpose of last week’s talk was not to make a person depressed or despondent that they have nifaaq in their heart – and always remember that anything that we hear and that makes us sad it means Shaytan is twisting that and is keeping us from being motivated by that.

So, what we really need to think is that Okay if i really believe in tawakkul – at an intellectual level i believe that Allah swt is sufficient for me but  i don’t live a life accordingly or practice the teachings of tawakkul. So, i have to get out of this hypocrisy and i have to motivate myself to become a person of tawakkul.

Taken from CII Tazkiya Talk QnA, 08-04-2010

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