On Leaving the Laghw [Tark-e-fuzool]

[These are the rough notes of a talk given by Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed  in Karachi on Sunday, 16th sept, 2012]


Momineen woh log hein jo laghw se bhagte hein.

Being involved in too many pointless and wasteful activities is also something that harms a person’s hurt. Just like you are a student and you are involved in all sorts of pointless activities, then your intellectual progress will go down.

There are 4 things that are poison for the heart. If a person engages in them then it will poison their heart such that

  1. Fuzool kalam. Idle and wasteful conversations.

Talking too much. Pehle zamany mein aurtein batooni hoti thiin ab mashaAllah mard bhi baatooni ho gaye hein. And when it comes to talking to Allah swt, they can’t do it. Dua nahi mangi jaati. It means Allah swt se ham kalami hou hi nahi sakti. Kitni pareshan haalat hai. Cannot talk to Allah swt and can talk to people so much. Syedna Rasool Allah (s) said tongue will lead so many people to hell. That firstly means haram kalam. But it also means useless and idle talks.

Every word we speak will either be noor on our heart or it will bring zulm on our heart. Even the West acknowledges that you should be purposeful in your speech. And if you don’t have anything good to say then you should stay quiet altogether.

Power of tongue is such that even a few of rude words can bring us to sin. Like if you say something to your parents that’s rude, this is a sin. In English they say that wounds inflicted by sword are cured but the wounds inflicted by words cannot be cured. Because you cannot put a band-aid on a person’s heart.

Another Hadith is that gheebah is greater than zina. Gheebah is the sin of the tongue.

Aspects of fuzool kalam.

i. Tabsira. This means views and analysis. Mera tabsira ye hai. Chalo TV ya news pe kisi aur ka tabsira sunte hein. Phir un pe tabsira karte hein. Ghatoun nikal jaate hein par eik masla bhi hal nahi hota. Pichle 3 saal mein hi dekh lein kitne news nigar ne tabsiray kiye, million of hours of tabsira. Or maybe even billion of hours. Agar aap woh waqt dua, ibaadat pe lagate tou aap ka mwashara theek hou jata. Aaj kal naujawan ka imaan itna kacha hai, koi juloos nikal aye wahin sare kaam chor deta hai.

Eik buzurg ko darakht ne kaha k dekho mein kitna acha houn log mujh pe pathar phainkte hein aur mein un pe phal barsata houn. Unhoun ne poocha agar tum itne achay ho tou Allah swt ne tumhein aag ka fuel kun banaya? Ajeeb. Uss ne kaha haan eik baat hai k mujh mein istaqamat nahi. Jis taraf hawa chalti hai mein uss taraf ko ho jata hoon.

ii. Sawal. Asking bad questions with bad intentions or to ask a question that is of no benefit or relevance to you. That’s all fuzool. So many people have asked me questions in my short life that was of no benefit to them. And I told them in the hope that they will ask me better questions. But they don’t do that. It’s like you have cancer and you ask the doctor about a pimple. And the doctor answers hoping he will ask about his cancer later.

You should not be speaking at all. No recreational conversation. That’s what our buzurg said. Speak of khayr and deen. Any worldly talk will lead to fuzool. Although talking about halaat of Muslims is another thing.

Example of the woman who only spoke Qur’an.

Once there was a woman who was so afraid of being thrown into the fire of Jahannum because of the tongue that she only used to recite verses of Qur’an even in her conversations.

In more recent times, yahan karachi mein eik mureed apne shaykh ko milne aate thay tou shaykh aur mureed dono khamosh beth’te thay. Chup ki majlis.

Ham tou buhot batooni insan ban chuke hein. Jitna baat insan karta tha utna kam sochta hai.

Sometimes it’s our speech and tongue that involves in laghw.

  1. Second type of fuzool is fuzool dekhna. Idle and wasteful gaze.

Fuzool dekhne se shaytan insan ko haram mein mulawas kar deta hai. Like maybe there’s a person who went to the store with the intention to buy something. All the women on the way to the store, in the store and then from store to home are all fuzool to him. If he walks around in such a way that not only does he looks at the item he has to buy, but all the other things as well. So he doesn’t lower his gaze and starts looking at fuzool. Looking at billboards is fuzool. It’s not required for driving. If you expand the range of fuzool range, sooner or later you will have a haram nazar. Our basarat is over-charged, and our baseerat is almost non-existent.

All the things you watch in media; the movies and also youtube is all fuzool. Mein hairaan hota hoon even good Muslims who don’t have TVs at homes, woh pata nahi kya kya youtube pe dekhte hein. Mein halal mein baat kar raha hoon but woh sab fuzool hai. Laghw hai. Ye laghw ki dunya hai. And it’s making you too visually aware. You over-use your gaze. Fuzool nazar ka chaska lag gya iss liye batni nazar se mehroom ho gaye. It’s a big cost to pay. So we should stop looking around. You should literally and physically lower your gaze.

Next time try it when you go to the shop. It’s not going to hurt you in anyway. Tell yourself I don’t want to see even any item that I don’t have to buy. I want to prove that I can control myself from all this marketing. I gaurantee you fuzool nazar leads to haram nazar.

Hadith: Jo bad nazri karta hai Allah swt uss se ibaadah ki lazzat cheen lete hein.

You will loose the lazzat of dua, namaz and you will even loose the lazzat of khidmat of people. Apne parents ki khidmat bhi aap ko bojh mehsoos hou gi. Kun k woh bhi eik ibaadat hai. Chirr wala mizaj hou ga. Aap kya samajhte hein k kisam kisam ki bad nazri karein gey aur sirf eik lazzat ibaadat ki cheeni jaye gi? Nahi balke kisam kisam ki lazzat aap se cheeni jaye gi. The best way to save yourself from bad nazri is to stop yourself from fuzool nazar.

  1. Third fuzool is fuzool sun’na. Idle and wasteful listening.

Not just haram things like gheebat and music is downright haram. But this would include everything laghw like you guys love to get the scoop – nayi taazi sunne ka shauq hai. Qur’an ki tilawat sunne ka time nahi. Jin k pass music ka time nahi hota unhoun ne bhi earphones ka silsila nikal liya. Aap k pass bhi ye choice hai uss pe Qur’an sun sakte hein. Fuzool sunna also leads to haram. This is the general tarteeb of how shaytaan gets us into haram:

Listening to the other -> Seeing the other -> Talking to the other -> Touching the other

This is the tarteeb. So if you stop yourself from fuzool hearing, then you can stop from haram hearing and a list of other things that follow.

  1. Fourth thing is fuzool khyalaat. Idle and wasteful thoughts.

Jitne ziada aap fuzool khyalaat sochein gey utne hi jaldi aap haram sochne wale ban jaein gey. You have to keep a control. Do mukhalafat of nafs. We go all the way from fuzool thinking to day dreaming and always conceptualizing sin. Why? kun k aap ne apne aap ko zikr pe nahi lagaya. Jab zikr pe nahi lagaya to khala (void) bana liya. Jo khala hai woh pehle fuzool se bhare ga phir haram se. Iss liye khala hi nahi chorna. Always be thinking thoughts of Allah swt. And when you are not thinking about Allah swt, then shaytan and nafs books a room in your heart.

Eik mashk karein abhi. Imagine a person who hasn’t thought anything fuzool for a whole 24 hours, na fuzool kalam bola, na fuzool suna, na kaha. Just imagine how easy it would be for such a person to remember Allah swt. Ye zikr iss liye sikhaya jata hai kun k shariat aur deen pe chalna asaan lagta hai. Aap kehte hein na k asaan kar k dein buhot mushkil hai deen pe chalna. Ye fuzool chor dein gey tou automatic hou jaye ga, az khud ho jaye ga. Iss se aur asaan tou ho nahi sakta. Magar karna kya hoga? turk-e-fuzool.

  1. Fifth is fuzool khana. Wasteful/extra food.

Aap kehte hou na k mein ne sirf fard karna hai. Chalo aap khane peenay mein fard karo. Certain amount of food you need to keep the body going. The rest of the energy and calories go to your nafs. It goes to the pait of nafs. Fuzool khane k itne nuqsan hein who sun lein:

  • Waqt zaya.
  • Paise zaya.
  • Nafs strong hota hai.

Abhi aap Ramadan guzar chuke hou na, Allah swt ne ragra lagaya na k khana kam karo peena kam karo taqwah mil jaye ga.

  1. Sixth is fuzool kamana. Extra/useless earnings.

Ye sun k shayed aap iss pe sab se ziada ghabra jao gey. Fuzool kamana. You can do it up till you get your comfort and up till you get the comfort of your family, for the short-term future. Beyond that it becomes fuzool kamana. Mushkil hai iss cheez ko maan’na. Poori dunya aap ko sikha rahi hai aur kamao aur kamao. Aap bahana banao gey koi nahi mein kharch (sadqa) karoun ga. Koi nahi kharch karte aap. Zakaat tak nahi dete. Kamana eik hadd tak jaiz hai, uss k baad zaya hou jata hai.

Jo fuzool kamane mein lag jaye ga woh sooner or later haram kamane mein phisal (slip) jaye ga. It’s gauranteed. Tark-e-fuzool se ijtinab-e-haram hota hai.

How can you lose fuzool kamana?

One way practically to do this is to leave the doubtful. Another meaning of fuzool is extra. Technically speaking it just means extra.

Listen to this sentence carefully: because we are so involved in the extras of this world, we don’t have time for the extra of deen. Dunya k fuzool mein itna busy hein k deen k extra k liye time nahi hai.

You can say Jannat-ul-firdous is extra. So if you’re involved in extra of dunya then be ready to sacrifice jannat-ul-firdous. Be ready to sacrifice the company of sahaba karam and nabiyyeen.

  1. Seventh is fuzool milna milana. Idle and wasteful gatherings.

Fuzool suhbat. Fuzool gatherings. Fuzool social life. Fuzool interactions with people. Same thing: jitni fuzool suhbat mein jaein gey, utne aap haram suhbat k khatre mein hein. If you meet for anything of deen then it is beneficial. Anything else is at best doubtful and at worst haram.

1. Some gatherings are like medicines. Without them you cannot be healthy or survive. For example halal job and halal business can fal into this. It is necessary interaction. In education that is your vital interaction, within the bounds of shariah.

2. Some gatherings are like an illness. The gathering of dunya where sin and ghaflat takes place. Taubah karna, gunah se bachna. Aur tuabah rakhne k liye ghaflat se bachna. Cyber majlis is also harmful. You own suhbat with the laptop.

3. Some gatherings are like poison.

i. Haram gatherings are like poison.

Even if you claim you will not do anything haram there, it’s still haram. Jaise aap kehte hein mein wahan ja kar nazar neechay rakhoun ga. Aap wahan ja kar nazar neechay rakh bhi lein, aap ka wahan ja kar hazri dene se Allah swt apni nazar neechay nahi rakhein gey. Why do you want to be at a place which Allah swt is looking at with anger and wrath?

ii- Na-jins ki suhbat is like poison.

To keep company of those people who are not trying to seek the pleasure of Allah swt like you want to. Like there’s a young man who keeps company of corrupt young men or women for the sake of imaan. Ye buhot kawi ho tou imaan wale ka rang dusroun pe charhe ga. But you have to be honest with yourself k kis ka rang kis pe charh raha hai.

4. Some gatherings are like food. Especially those gathering that are like food for the spirit and heart like majlis or gatherings of mashaikh. Lazman aisi majalis ko pakrein.

Story of dropping your pre-conceptions before learning Islam

Shykh Abdul Qadir Jilani rah ka eik haqeeqi kissa hai. Baghdad mein hote thay, buhot baray alim-e-deen thay aur Hanbali Fiqh k Allama thay samajh lein. Log jo un ki majlis mein aate thay tou ulema bhi aate thay aur awam-un-naas bhi aate thay. Tou woh farmate thay k jo bhi aap le kar aye hein woh darwaze pe chor aein. Log sunte hein tou un ko samajh nahi aata. It means you have to drop all your pre-conceptions. Then you have to learn deen of Islam. Then you have to re-learn your life in the light of what the deen tells you. This is what is called fana and baqa.

Shykh Abdul Qadir k gatherings mein eik tarteeb tha. Woh log thay salikeen, sunte thay aur badalte thay. Phir eik waqt aata k shykh kehte jis cheez ko seekhne aap aye hein woh aap seekh chuke hein ab aap jahan se bhi aye hein wahan wapas chale jaein. Aaj kal koi aise safar kare tou kehte hein iss ko kya hou gya hai apne parents ko chor k ja raha hai. Ghar pe bhi tou apne Rabb ko mana sakta tha.

Allah swt hamein bhi taufeek dein k ham bhi badal sakein

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