Retaining the Blessings of Sohbah

[Following are some rough notes that were taken during the CII Tazkiya Talk by Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed db on 29th March, 2012. NOT a transcription]

قَدْ أَفْلَحَ مَنْ زَكَّاهَا

وَقَدْ خَابَ مَنْ دَسَّاهَا

[Surah Al-Shams 91:9-10]

سُبْحَانَ رَبِّكَ رَبِّ الْعِزَّةِ عَمَّا يَصِفُونَ

وَسَلَامٌ عَلَى الْمُرْسَلِينَ

وَالْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ



Tazkiya means to purify oneself.

Allah swt sent the Quran and Sayyidina Rasoolullah saw so that we may become pure enough to get access to Jannah, to become eternal companion of Sayyidina RasoolAllah saw and to become beloved of Allah swt.

Tazkiya means to make ourself so pure that we are able to gaze eternally on the most pure Being i.e. Allah swt and reside eternally in the purest place called Jannah.

We need to purify different parts of our self :-

1-      Aqal:

Purifying the thoughts, think what types of thought we would think in Jannah infront of Allah swt those are the thoughts we need to think, many times in a good suhbah we can do ibadah but cant do tazkiya and after coming back we come back to the old impure self, it’s a life long process a person has to be constantly on watch of our thoughts since many of us allow ourself to think impure thoughts and thus whatever nur we got from suhbah and zikr just by that thought it takes away the nur we got from ibadah & zikr so whenever we get suhbah when we come back from such an experience, since many people who are students of tazkiya manytimes they adopt the suhbah they don’t know how to retain the benefits of that suhbah.

Since one command is:

وَكُونُوا مَعَ الصَّادِقِينَ 


but after one is separated from that suhbah , one thing they shud safeguard themselves from is their thoughts, so what shaytaan makes them do is make them think in their mind some sinful thought because of which we could loose the benefits of that suhbah


  1.  Could be thoughts of materialism: love for this world

–  planning and calculating on the future and keeping all the trust in the asbaab without putting any tawakkul on Allah swt

2. Secret desires, wishes, evil thoughts for another person, hasad, envy etc, impurity of the thought lead s to a deeply offensive chain of thoughts

2. Purity of our homes:-

Tazkia of our home ensures we stay steadfast with taqwa otherwise love for Allah swt will only be in Shaikh’s suhbah and in Khanqah and Masjid

It means to purify our homes, bedrooms from anything that reminds us, invites us or gives us the opportunity to sin.

E.g. People in America say that I don’t ever want to have a gun in my house, similarly if that novel or magazine entices you to look at sinful pictures they are like guns against our qalb(spiritual heart), –

When they return, the true students do tazkiya of their house and their mind, their greatest worry is to preserve that nur they got of that suhbah

3. Persevering in our relationships  with family members:-

The second they do disobedience or have arguments with their family members, they will loose the nur they got from the suhbah, so purifying those relationships from any unrealistic expectations, arguments.

They will be less dependent on makhlooq after the suhbah but if we don’t take care of it we will lose the barakaat of suhbah

4. Tazkiya of lifestyle:-

Home is made a home of purity, once they leave home, and go into office or school they are not leading a pure lifestyle

e.g.  after suhbah return to their friend or workplace and return to bad nazri, and if they reexpose themselves to those sinful radiation they will lose the barakah, noor and blessing of their mashaikh.

A Disassociate from bad company:

–          Disassociate from all those interactions and relationships from people who are distant or disobedient to Allah swt if we sit in their company we’ll lose the blessing  that we got from the company of our Shaykh

–           if you were to sit with a person who sells ittar even if you don’t apply ittar even sitting with him you ll get that fragrance and just like that the opposite effect is of sitting with the black smith i.e. at least the smoke will harm you

–          No matter how much good suhbah a person may have they can never have the 100 percent immunity from the negative effects of negative suhbah, we should never think we’re immune now, we will again lose the barakaaat n fuyoozaat the second we slip in the negative suhbah.

     B At work place:-

–          Even if we cant control the environment, if the work place environment has a sinful environment it will a negative effect on us

–          How to save oneself from the effect of negative sohbah?

become a person of istaghfaar constant taubah, wipe away the negative effect by making constant istaghfaar to make sure they have wuqoof e qalbi, always thinking thoughts of Allah swt n feeling of Allah swt in heart when they slip they make istaghfaar .

Tazkiya lifestyle means enough wuqoof e qalbi that even while at that university n workplace you are always thinking and feeling Allah swt, if you slip n fall into makhroohaat n muharramaat you make istaghfaar, its our responsibility to maintain that purity.


5. Tazkiya of our heart:-

Most important, we need to look at the impurities of heart:-

First impurity:-

1-      Love for dunya

Hadith :- hubbud duniya raasu kulli khateeati (Love of this world is the Source of all evil)

If a person feels a feeling of inclination or desire towards the dunya then it’s a problem, they have started loving the dunya,  the materialistic duniya we must purify ourselves from those actresses sportstars, false love, we should only love the pure hearted,

– we should make dua that O ALLAH  Grant me a heart that in my heart there is only love for the pure hearted

– thoughts of how to save money in this way or that, or having thoughts and love for duniya we need to stop that.

– Living in the duniya striving in the duniya is allowed, but  loving the duniya isn’t allowed.

Hazrat ji said that  is duniya k liyey agar hum poori koshish bhi karay hamesha yahan nahi reh sakta ,we’ll end up leaving this world still people put so much effort in increasing this world and,  Allah swt sai hat kar aik lamha bhi guzaar nahi saktay uskai liye insaan mehnat nahi karsakta. The reality is what we need is Allah swt alone and even one moment without Him means we didn’t satisfy our need we NEED HIM every single moment of our life.


love for nabiyyen, siddeqeen, shuhada, saaliheen more n more love we have that more n more barakah we’ll hav in our time, we should try to return to beneficial suhbah to nourish the spiritual heart.

One way to lose that love of duniya is wuqoof e qalbi and loving things that Allah swt has made permissible to love.


If we don’t have love for Allah swt then the love for the shaykh wont benefit us. The best way to please the shaykh is to please Allah swt, ultimately an pan-ultimately pleasing Allah swt. The more and more we love Allah swt, the less and less we’ll love the duniya.

How to get this?

The more and more zikr a person does the more and more love of Allah swt enters their heart so after suhbah they have to make a decision, not to return except by having that zikr of Allah swt to interact n interrelate with people around us, once we get love of Allah swt we must purify our heart from the love for ghayr ullah, we should not harbor any thoughts or love or feelings for anyone of opposite gender.

Fida and fana for Allah swt once such a state of love for Allah swt comes it takes away all the unlawful loves, then we will be able retain and preserve the blessings we get from our mashaikh

Then, every single time they spend time in the suhbah of their mashaikh:

1. It’ll have a long-lasting effect

2. have a long-lasting after effect

If we don’t follow the above mentioned steps, the suhbah might have an effect but long after effects wont be there,  even if a person doesn’t always get suhbah, a person should keep their tazkiya and whenever they’ll get that suhbah it’ll be noorun ala noor and they’ll be able to get baqa and sustain those blessings and positive feelings they had in the suhbah of their mashaikhs. To do a lot and a lot of zikr so that the love of Allah makes me fida, fana and baqa, its that baqa that connects us to the barakah of our mashaaikh


We must purify our:-

1 Aqal,

2 home,

3 family and relations,

4 lifestyle,

5 qalb ,

so that our engagement in this world is pure.

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2 Responses to Retaining the Blessings of Sohbah

  1. Umair Shafi Choksy says:

    Thanks a lot brother.. This is really beneficial

  2. Mrs. Ravat says:

    I just found your web page, SubhanAllah MA ,you have collected and worked hard to give this gift to people. Shaykh Kamal is MA. my husband is with him in Ithikaf. May Allah reward you.

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